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Investment casting services

Fly investment casting foundry can supply you with the below investment casting services.

A.Casting investment castings according to the drawings/samples you offered.

Normally, we first get drawings/samples from clients. Then, offer prices of and produce the investment castingsaccording to them. We will be responsable for product quality, on time delivery and good aftersale services.

B. Redesigning Services for investment castings

Engineers in our investment casting foundry can also redesign structure of products, to make the products more suitable for our investment casting technology and also the final usage purpose. During most of our production process, we can closely work together with our customer to change designs, or other production requirements timely. You can click "casting redesign service" to see more detail of our redesigning services.

C.Using existing investment castings patterns

If you've paid patterns to other suppliers, but failed in getting qualified products, you can also send us your patterns. If the patterns are made for the same technology as our investment casting, we can use your patterns for production directly. 

D.Machining services for investment castings

Our foundry is also equiped with machining facilities. So, we can machine the custom investment castings according to the machining drawings from clients. Machining services with certain machining equipments can help customers to get finished investment castings. Thus, to save some addtional costs. If investment castings require for final machining, we prefer to do the machining and finish the castings in our foundry. That's because there might be shrinkages, pores, and other casting defects inside the investment castings. If we find such defects when machining in house, then, we can just scrap the defects. But if custom machine the investment castings at their stock and find inner defects, it costs both the customer and our foundry.

Besides machining the custom investment castings, we can also machining products directly from steel bars/steel plates for clients.

E.Surface treatments for investment castings

Our foundry can do the final surface treatments for custom investment castings. The processes include anti-rust oil/water protection, painting, powder coating, black oxidization, zinc plating, and hot dip galvanizing(HDG), case hardening, phosphating treatment,etc. 

F.Subcontracting products otherthan investment castings

Our core business is investment castings. We can meet our customers with the requirements of various investment castings, such as lost-wax castings, lost-foam castings, silica sol castings. Besides these, we are also subcontracting sand castings(green sand castings,precoated sand castings, resin sand castings), aluminium casting(aluminium die casting and aluminium gravity casting), forgings(includes both open die forgings and close die forgings), fabrications works, stampings/cold forming parts for some customers. We will control the products quality and on time delivery, which save costs and time for our customers.