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Investment casting testing equipments

To control the quality of our investment casting parts, our foundry is equiped with various inspection instruments.

1. Material Control Instruments

    a. Spectrograph, used for inspecting chemical components of the investment casting material. Upon receipt of raw materials, we inspect them and take a record. After investment casting and finished the products, we will cut a small piece from the products or use the coupons to inspect the material again to double check the required chemical components.

    b.Micrography analysis instruments, used for inspected the internal structure of materials. Especially used for inspecting nodularity of ductile iron.

2. Mechanical Properties Inspection Instruments

    a. Hardness tester, used to test hardness of the investment casting parts. The widely used hardness tester are Rockwell Hardness Tester(HRC/RC), Brinell Hardness Tester(HB), and Vickers Hardness Tester(HV).

    b.Tensile strength tester, used to inspect the tensile/ultimated strength of the investment castings. The unit used is MPa/SKI/PSI.

    c. Impact Tester, used to inspect the Impact properties of investment castings. The unit used is J. We could do normal tempeture and -40℃ impact/charpy testing.

3. Measuring instruments
    a. micrometer/microcalliper
    b. vernier caliper
    c. inside dial indicator
    d. height gauge
    e. R gauge
    c. Three coordinate measuring instrument/machines(CMM)

4.Non Destructive Testing(NDT) instruments

    a. Magnetic Powder Testing Instruments
    b. Liquid penetrant testing Instruments
    c. Ultrasonic testing Instruments   
    d. X-ray Testing Instruments