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Investment casting process

General investing casting processes contains five steps, wax injection, shell moulding, casting, surface treatment, and inspection. Below are the detail step descriptions of the investment casting processes.

Step 1, Wax injection

Melting wax first, then injecting wax into the patterns to get the wax models.

Step 2, Trimming and welding the wax model trees

Step 3, Sand shell mould-making

Starching the wax models first,  covering them with special sands, starching them again, then dry them in air. Repeating such processes to get certain thickness of the shell moulds.

Step 4, Dewax

Dipping the Sand shell moulds inside the hot chemical liquid, melting the wax by hot steam.

Step 5, Baking the shell mould

Baking or firing the shell mould at a high temperture to sinter the shell mould.

Step 6, Casting

Melting the raw material,  testing the chemical components, pouring the steel water into the shell moulds, covering the casted shell moulds inside the sand to cool down slowly.

Step 7, Rough castings treatment

Cleaning the shell moulds by vibration, cutting the pouring gate sticks, grinding the pouring gates, measuring the dimensions.

Step 8, Heat treatment

Heat treating the rough castings by processes of Normalization, Hardening, Tempering, Anealing, Induction case hardening, carbonization, and Nitriding treatment, etc. to achieve the required mechanical properties of the investment casting roughs.

Step 9, Short blasting/sand blasting

Short/sand blasting the rough investment castings to get strengthened smooth/clean surfaces.

Step 10, Machining

Machining the rough investment castings according to the machiningrequirements, with equipments of lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, planer, etc.

Step 11, Final inspection

Measuring the finished investment castings to inspect the dimensions.Detailed information of testing equipments,pls click here.

Step 12, Packing

Packing the finished investment castings to get them ready for coming delivery.