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Investment casting production equipments

Investment casting equipments include all machines involved during the casting and products finished process. According to the production flow, below are the equipments that will be used.

1. Mould Engraving equipment is used to engrave the patterns of products.

2. Briquetting machine are used to compacte the loose raw material to save rooms, easily tranportation and save melting costs during investment casting process.

3. Investment Casting furnance. Usually used furnace is mid-sequence casting furnance, which changes 50HZ alternating current to 300HZ -1000HZ alternating current to melt raw steel or iron scrapes/ ingots to meet required material components.

4. Heat treating equipments are used to heat treat all kinds of investment casting parts to meet the required mechnical properties. Classifications: bell-type heat trement furnace (specially used for tempering purpose of thin thickness steel plates , roller hearth heat treating furnace(widely used for hardening, tempering, annealing and normalizing treatment), meshbelt furnace (widely used for hardening, tempering, annealing and normalizing treatment), etc.

5. Shot blasting equipments. Together with sand blasting equipments, they are used to clear (such as clearing surface sand stickers and the oxide skin) and strengthen properties of the investment castings surface. Shot blasting process is mainly used for simple structure investment castings to clear, especially strengthen the hardness or mechnical properties of the investment castings; Sand blasting process usually used for cleaning the investment castings with complex structure. Usually used blasting machines are drum-type blasting machines, scraping belt type blasting machines, turntable type blasting machines, car bottom type blasting equipments, squirrel cage type blasting equipment, and suspended ring type blasting equipments.

6. Painting equipments, equiped with turntable or sliding table transmiting convey system, are used to do painting jobs of investment castings. Instead of traditional manuel painting process, automotive painting process with certain equipments are become the trend for painting industry, which substantially enlarge the scope of working, speed the painting process and improve the painting quality.