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Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting,typical non ferrous casting,is our new die casting production line.We could manufacture aluminum die castings with material A356,A380,ADC-12,ZL104,ect. Those aluminum die castings are mostly used for LED lights, auto industry, sewing machines,cnc machines, pipeline construction, ect.

Process of aluminum die castings:

Step 1--design the mould according to the drawing of aluminum die castings and make out the mould we need.

Step 2--melting aluminum bars into liquid status and pure it into the mouth of die casting machine.And cast out the parts of mould designed shapes and sizes.

Step 3--remove the burrs with our automotive burring machines.

Step 4--do the surface treatment as required, such as painting, powder coating, electrophoresis, oxidation, anodization, ect.

By clicking 'Surface treatment for Aluminum Castings', you can learn more about the surface treatment for aluminum castings.

Step 5--machine the aluminum die castings with our machining equipments,like three alex cnc,four alex cnc,ect.

Step 6--testing 

Step 7--package

What are the advantages of aluminum die castings?

1)Metal parts with complex shapes,thin walls and deep cavity are allowed.As die casting process could keep high mobility under the condition of high pressure and high speed,thus we could get metal parts which lost wax casting and lost foam casting process could not meet.

2)The size accuracy of aluminum die castings could be IT11-13 and the surface roughness is Ra0.8-3.2um.

3)High use ratio of material.As high accuracy of die castings,so we just need few machines to do the machining.Sometimes we even do not need to machine them and assemble for use directly.The material use ratio could be 60%-80%.

4)The production efficiency is good.Die casting is the highest production efficiency in various investment casting process.So it fits for mass prodcution.

Defects during aluminum casitng process

Same as investment casting, there're also defects during aluminum casing process. For details, you can click "Normal defects on aluminum castings".

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