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Investment castings industries served

Fly investment casting foundry serves in the following industries.

1. Investment castings in field of Agricultural Machinery Building

Agricultural machinery spares take about 30% of our investment casting production.70% of such agricultural machinery spares are supplied to the distributors/wholesalers in this filed. We make the balance 30% directly for the end agricultural machinery builder/farmers. Such investment castings are with high wear resistant requirements. Material usually used are High Chrome Iron, Ni-hard, ASTM 8630, AISI4140, etc. Products we currently produced are plough points,ripper points,tillage points,subsoiler points,chisel plow sweep,harrow discs,cultivator tines,grader blades, fabricated frames, machined axles,etc.

2. Investment castings in field of Ground Engaging Tools Manufacturing

Fly investment casting factory supplying kinds of standard ground engaging tool(GET) products for the earthmoving equipments manufacturing,such as excavator bucket teeth/adaptor,grader blades,cutting edges,end bits,pins&retainers,bolts&nuts,idlers,sprockets,excavator/bulldozer buckets, rippers, track shoes, track frames,etc.We need to quote and produce according to the Brand names and OEM numbers you offered.Besides standard investment castings,we can also quote and produce according to the drawings/samples from you.

3. Investment castings in field of Mining & tunneling equipments Building

Our investment castings are also widely used in field of mining equipments building.For example,the jaw plates for crushers,drill bit/adaptors for tunneling equipment head, cutting teeth for trencher,rollers,castings for freight wagons,etc.Such investment castings are investment casted from material with wear resistant and high impact requirements,such as Manganese Steel(Mn13%), Ni-hard, etc.

4. Investment castings in field of Transportation Equipment Building

Investment casting technology is also used for producing spares of transporation equipments,such as the truck parts,auto/car spares,ship components,etc.

5. Investment castings in field of Pipeline Construction

Lots of the investment castings produced in our foundry are used in field

of pipeline construction. Such as valves, couplers, brackets, connectors,elbows, unions, etc. Materials usually used are ASTM A148 Grade 105-85,

ASTMA148 Grade 90-60, ASTM A216 WCB and ASTM A216 WCC.