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​Investment casting machining equipment

Except casting process,we also have the capacity to do the machining job of investment castings.Below is a brief introduction of our main machining equipments:

1.CNC is a high-efficient automatic lathe,made up of machanical equipments and numerical control system,which is used to machine investment castings with complex shape.There is great economic effect on parts with high accuracy demands.

2.Grinding machine is a machining lathe using  grinding wheel, abrasive belt as grinding tools.We could divide grinding machines into cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine,flat grinder,tool grinder,ect.

3.Milling machine is one of the main machining equipments.Milling is a way using milling cutter to machine parts in milling machine.Milling machine could machine plane, steps, slant, trench, forming,gear surface and cutting,ect.Common milling machines are vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine.

4.Drilling machine is widely used hole machining lathe.It mainly uses aiguille to drill holes.Besides,we could also use it to enlarge holes,reaming holes,bore holes,ect.

5.Boring machine is a lathe which is usually machining holes with large machining sizes and high accuracy.This machine is suitable for further machining holes of investment castings,forgings.

6.Lathe is a kind of machining equipment, by using the lathe tools to machine the rotating castings. According to application and structure, lathe contains horizontal type, vertical type and floor type. Horizontal type is the widely used one, which can meet a machining tolerance at IT8-IT7, surface roughness Ra1.6μm。Lathe with 3 axes are widely used to machine the complex castings, more than more lathe with 4 axes and 5 axes are required. Due to the low production effective, centre lathe is widely applied for single for small lot production. For large volume production, NC or CNC lathe are applied.

7.Planer or facing machine is used to machine the flate surface or slot rectilinearly. Such machining equipments are mainly used for small lot of productions. For large volume production, we usually use milling machine to instead of facing machine. Planer can be used to machine the horizontal surface, vertical surface, bevels, curved surface, step surface, swallow-tail form surface T type slot, V type slot. And can also be apllied in machining of holes, gears and splines. The machining tolerance can be controlled at IT8- IT7, the surface roughness can be within Ra1.6~6.3μm. Double housing planer can meet Ra0.4~0.8μm.