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Investment castings manufacturer

Fly foundry is a chinese manufacturer producing various custom investment castings.We have two production lines of invesment castings,one is lost wax casting line,which is used to manufature alloy steel castings,stainless steel castings.The other is lost foam casting line,we usually take use of this technology for iron castings.Comparing with sand castings,the dimension accuracy of investment castings is much better.

Special advantages of investment castings from Fly foundry:

a.high dimension accuracy,the general linear tolerance is 1%,angle tolerance is ±0.5°.Also the surface finish of invesment casting we could meet is Ra1.6~3.2,which will save material and machining fees.
b.we could produce parts with complex shape or cast multi-parts as a whole directly,then there is no need to combine them together or weld.
c.fancy letters or LOGO can be casted on the surface to improve the image of products.
d,wide properties of casted material(heat resistant,wear resistant, corrosion resisting),the material hardness could reach HRC15-60 to meet various demands.
e,flexible batch production from small to latge quantities,high efficiency and good repeatability;Low pattern costs and little invesment in early stage.

Dimension tolerances of investment castings:

Norminal dimension(mm) Linear dimension tolerance(ISO8062)
0100.26 ±0.13 0.36±0.180.52±0.260.74±0.371±0.5
10160.28±0.140.38 ±0.19 0.54±0.270.78±0.391.1±0.55
16250.3±0.15 0.42 ±0.210.58 ±0.290.82 ±0.411.2±0.6
25400.32±0.16 0.46±0.230.64±0.32 0.9±0.451.3±0.65
40 63 0.36±0.18 0.5±0.250.7±0.351±0.51.4 ±0.7
631000.4±0.20.56 ±0.280.78±0.391.1±0.551.6±0.8
1602500.5±0.250.7±0.35 1±0.51.4±0.72±1
250 4000.56 ±0.280.78±0.391.1±0.551.6±0.82.2±1.1

Fly foundry offers high quality investment castings with the shortest lead time.Contact us now to learn more information or request a quote,we will reply you in the first time.