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China Investment Cast Stainless Steel Coupler

In China, Fly foundry supplies lots of investment cast stainless steel couplers.

Coupler is a component that connects two other matching components, especially mechanical components or systems.

Production Technics for Investment Cast Stainless Steel Couplers

Fly foundry makes stainless steel couplers in investment casting process in China, especially silica sol castingprocess. With silica sol casting process, we can cast the investment cast stainless steel couplers more accurancy on dimensions, with casting tolerance ISO8062 CT5~CT6. Weight of investment cast stainless steel cast couplers range from 0.1kg- 50kgs. For larger couplers, we usually cast them in sand casting process. 

Material  Used for Investment Cast Stainless Steel Couplers

Fly foundry uses Stainless steels 304(SS304), stainless steel 316(SS316), stainless steel 304L(SS304L), stainless steel 316L(SS316L), stainless steel 430(SS430), stainless steel 17-4PH(SS 17-4PH), stainless steel CF8(SS CF8), CF8M(SS SF8M), CF3(SS CF3), and CF3M(SS CF3M) to cast the investment casting stainless steel couplers. Some 
special stainless are also required by clients.

Surface Treatment on Investment Cast Stainless Steel Couplers

After silica sol casting, the stainless steel couplers will be pickled and passivated to achieve an anticorrosive layer. This layer will help to longer the application lifetime of the investment cast stainless steel couplers. 

Fly foundry quotes and casts these investment cast stainless steel couplers according to drawings or samples from customers. If you have such RFQ's, please feel free to contact us.