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Fly foundry casts glass supports in investment casting process for many years in China. 

Glass supports are very important components in the glass mounting industry. They will be used to support and fix glass on pointed position.

Currently, glass supports are mainly made from alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Chosen of material grade is depend on the application of the glass support. 

These glass supports can be made in investment casting processes, such as silica sol casting for stainless steel glass support, water glass casting for carbon steel glass supports,and die casting for the aluminum glass supports. 

Various types of glass supports are used in the glass mounting industry. There're blind type glass support, 90 degree glass support, fishmouse glass support, etc.

For some investment cast glass supports, special surface treatements are required. Such as the glass support shown on the picture, it's a kind of fishmouse stainless steel glass support. Such glass supports are used for visable surfaces of the glass mounting. The surfaces are polished to make it as smooth and glossy as possible. Very good packing methods are required to protect the surfaces from crashing. 

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