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​How to improve lead time of investment castings?

Yesterday,one client was asking for lead time of his investment casting,maybe we will have to put them into furnace for recycling as we passed the final lead time.Once this case is happened,both clients and foundries will all face certain loss,especially investment casting foundries.They will loss no only their client,money,but also its reputation.

There are so many production process of investment casting foundry,so what should we do to improve the lead time of investment castings?below are some factors we considered in actual production process:

Firstly:Rigorously assess lead time:we should pay attention to detailed time calculation,time of make up for defective goods,outsourcing time.

Secondly: Strict production schedule and quality management:The difficulty of investment casting foundry's production management is much larger than other industry.For example,in the process of shelling,maybe tree assembly already has defects,but it will not be found before pouring,so we have to find after pouring.

Thirdly:Reasonable process:There are many engineers working on investment casting industry and most of them could talk about theoretical knowledge that we do not know.As too many processes,so uncertainty always exsits.So investment casting engineers must analysize investment casting process(like lost wax casting,silica sol casting,ect)according to product drawings.