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Fly foundry casts various Iron Shift Forks in lost foam casting process in China. 

Cast iron shift forks are one of the important components in car gearboxes. Shift forks are connected with the change level hand. The main fuction is for clutch shifting. 

We use both ductile iron and grey iron to cast the shift forks. Material grades are QT500-7, equivalent of JIS FCD500-7, DIN GGG-50, ASTM 60-55-06, BS 500-7.  Iron cast shift forks are with good wear resistance and long life time. 

Iron shif forks can be made in lost foam casting process and sand casting process. In Fly foundry, we make them in lost foam casting process, one type of the investment casting processes. Lost foam casting process can control the cast shift forks with better dimension accurancy. This saves further machining costs. Cast tolerance is according to ISO 8062 CT8. Surface roughness is about Ra12.5. 

Fly foundry quotes and produces such lost foam cast iron shift forks according to drawings or samples from customers. If your have such RFQ's, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices and services.