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In Fly foundry, we sometime cast the Mn(manganese) wear parts in lost foam casting process in China.  

Mn(manganese) wear parts are the widely used wear resistant components in the crusher industry. Material used are GB Mn13-2. There're also other specifications required by customers. 

Lost foam casting process can be used to produce the Mn(manganese) wear parts with large size and complex structures. We just engrave the foams to shape the structure of the required wear parts. Then coat the foams with several chemical layers to make the sand shells for casting. Besides Mn(manganese) hammers, such process can also be used to produce liner plates, jaw plates, and other wear resistant spares with large sizes. There's no requirements for pattern costs with such production process. Only sampling costs required. 

Surface finish of Mn(manganese) wear parts casted in lost foam casting process is not as smooth as the small items. So, if you have less requirements on surface roughness and high requirements on cost-effective, please considering this production process for wear parts and contact us for further discussion.