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Fly foundry cast hardware glass corners in investment casting process for many years in China. 

It requires lots of glass hardwares to fix the glasses. Such glass hardwares include glass corners, bolts, support, steffiners, and many others.

Glass corner is one of the most important one. The investment cast glass corners can be made from materials of stanless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloys, etc.

In Fly foundry, we cast the aluminum glass corner in die casting process, a kind of investment casting processes. After casting, the glass corners will be drilled with two thread holes. They are used for assembling with the matching parts.

All these glass corners are required to be powder coating after machinining. They are visable components on the final assembly. So, qualified coating is required. The surface can be black powder coated or white powder coated. Choosen of colours depend on application of the glass corners. 

To protect the surfaces of the glass corners during transporting, they will be packed with separate bags and then placed inside the plywood boxes. 

If you have RFQ's on investment cast or die cast corners for your glass holding, please contact us