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Steel & Brass Universial Quick Coupler

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Fly supplies lots of customized steel machined Universial quick couplers for customers all over the world.

Universal safety quick couplers are important components during asssembling hydraulic equipments or tools. It makes disengage fitting safely without the risk of dangerous blow-back. Because that the coupler automatically vents pressure before release. Universal quick couplers can also fit for compact space with good gripping property.

According to application, the universial quick couplers are with different thread specifications, working pressure, temperature and air flow requirements.Universial quick couplers supplied by Fly are mainly machined from steels and brass solid materials. For steel universial quick couplers, there're surface treatment requirements, such as chrome plated or zinc plated.

To protect the universial quick couplers during transportation, they will be packed in cartons with separate white plastic bag. Fly can also pack these universial quick couplers according to customers' requirements.

If you are in need of universial quick couplers, please contact us.