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Fly foundry makes lots of investment cast stainless steel links in China.

Links, work as connector between two components, are important parts of a whole set machines. Currently, stainless steel links, alloy steel links, carbon steel links and iron links are all widely used on different equipments. Here, we talk about investment cast stainless steel links made in Fly foundry in China. 

Production Technics

For stainless steel links, we mostly choose silica sol casting process, a kind of investment casting. This process can help to control the 
better quality of the stainless steel links. Weights of links are controlled within 0.1kg to 100kgs. Cast tolerance can be controlled within
ISO 8062 CT5 ~ CT6. Stainless steel links will be acid cleaning and passivation treatment after casting. This surface treatment can leave a 
corrosion resistant layer on surface of products, which extend the application life of the products. 


Material specification of investment casting stainless steel links are usually determined by customers. Clients choose the material grade that are best to their design and application of components. Mostly used stainless steels grades are stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, CF8 and CF8M, etc. 


Investment cast stainless steel links made in Fly foundry are used for agricultural equipment building and transmission instruments assembling. Besides these industries, the investment casting stainless steel can also used for mining indutry, pipeline industry, and many other industries. 

Fly foundry quotes and produces the investment cast stainless steel links according to drawings and samples from customers. If you have such RFQ's please sending details of your links by clicking contact us. We will offer you our best prices accordingly.