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Fly foundry makes various of investment cast gears in China.

What's investment cast gears?

Investment cast gears are the gears that made by investment casting in China. They have same function as all other gears in the market. Such gears work with each other to supply power to drive the transmision components wo machines. Some investment gears made in Fly foundry are with teeth cast directly. Some more gears, requiring for high accurancy, are with teeth machined. 

Type of investment cast gears

Investment cast gears made in Fly foundry include cylindrical gears, bevel gears, turbo, worm, and many other gears.

Material of investment cast gears

Investment cast gears are mainly made of carbon steel, alloy steel, hardening steel, carburizing steel, nitralloy, grey iron and ductile iron etc. Such materials are determined by customer. 

Parameter of Investment cast gears

There're certain parameters required to produce the investment cast gears. Mainly parameters are as below,

*Number of teeth(Z)
*Helical angel(β). β > 0 is for left rotation. β < 0 is for right rotation.
*Pressure angle
*Pitch diameter
*Right meshing condition
*Addendum coefficient

Fly foundry quotes and produces the investment cast gears according to drawings and samples from clients. If you have such RFQ's 
please sending details of your gears by clicking contact us. We will offer you our best prices accordingly.