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​Silica Sol Casting-Meat Grinder Auger


Meat grinder auger is one of the important component for meat grinders. Since, such castings are used in food industry, so, quality control is very important. We choose material of stainless steel 304(GB standard OCr19Ni9), stainless steel 316(GB standard OCr17Ni12Mo2) to cast such augers. With the good rust resisantance and anti-corrosion functions of stainless steel in both air and water environment, stainess steel castings are widely used in making castings for food industry.

*Production technics

Meat grinder augers are casted by silica sol casting process in our foundry. Silica sol casting process is the main process for stainless steel castings. Such production tehcnics can help to control both dimensions and quality of the castings. Before surface finishing, silica sol cast meat grinder augers will be pickled & passivation or solution treated according to different requirements from customers

*Surface finishing

To save meat materials, grinding meat as small and clean as possible, the surface of the meet grinder augers often be polished or mirror polished. After such surface finishing process, the surface of the meat grinder augers will be extremely smooth and shining.

*Exporting market

Italy is famous of meat grinding industries and meat grinder producing. 80% of our silica sol casted meat grinder augers are exported to Italy market. The customers are OEM meat grinder manufacturers, meat grinder repairing centres and distributors. Besides Italy market, such silica sol cast meat grinder augers are also exported to meat consumption countries, such as America, Canada, and Australia, etc.

We can produce such silica sol casted meat grinder augers according to your technical drawings or actual samples. Besides casting augers, we can also cast other meat grinder castings, such as grinder bodies, bushings, cutting knives, grinding plates, locknuts, handles, handle screws, etc. We can also assemble and ship them to you. So, if you have such inquries or purchasing needs, pls contact us at your earliest convenience!