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​Stainless steel meat grinder castings

Meat grinder are one of the main food processing machines which is widly used in food machinery.Most obvious advantage of meat grinder is high efficiency working.We just need to put meat into the mouse of grinder body and shake the handle until meat is ground.So it is very convenient.Then how do we manufacture meat grinders?In fact,meat grinder are assembled by many small parts,inculding grinder body,bushing,auger,cutting knife,grinding plate,locknut,handle and handle screw.Below is a detailed assembly drawing for better understanding.

Here Fly foundry takes the role of manufacturing such small parts for meat grinder suppliers or dealers in china.We mainly offer such components with silica sol casting whose surface will looks very smooth.As these metal grinder castings used in food machinery,so we prefer stainless steel to cast for its rust protection,which will be easy to wash after grinding meat.

Quality control of stainless steel meat grinder castings from Fly foundry:

*Original stainless steel material is ordered from raw material factory and relavant material report will be offered.

*Each production process,like mould making,casting,machining,package will be strictly controlled.

*Samples of stainless steel meat grinder castings will be offered for inspection before mass production.

*Perfect testing equipments to inspect each aspect,like mechanical properties,chemical composition,dimensions,ect.

*If there is any quality problem of stainless steel meat grinder castings after delivery,we could remanufacture or bear the costs.