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Non ferrous investment castings

Non ferrous investment castings are metal investment castings expect iron castings.Comparing with ferrous investment castings,there are many superior characteristics.For aluminum,magnesium,titanium alloy,due to small density and high strength,are widely used in aircraft, automobile,shipbuilding and aerospace industries;Silver,copper,aluminum,conductivity,for its good thermal conductivity,are indispensable materials in electrical appliances and instrumentation industry;Nickel, tungsten,chromium,molybdenum are ideal materials of manufacturing high temperature resistance parts.

At Fly foundry,we could custom non ferrous investment castings for any shapes in different industries,including:

1.Valve,pump and impeller 
3.LED light
4.Railway parts
5.Drill tools
6.Other nonferrous castings from 0.1kg-200kg.

Full service of Non ferrous castings from Fly foundry:

1.Heat treatment after casting processs.
2.Sand/shot blasting treatment to keep castings smoothly.
3.Machining service is availble if there is any machining demands.
4.Full inspection system,include dimension inspection,chemical compostion testing,mechanical testing,ect.
5.Standard wood case package accordind to the specification and quantity of castings.
6.Tungsten carbide could be brazed to non ferrour casting body.Such needs are very obvious in agricultural and mining industries.