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​Ferrous investment castings

Ferrous investment castings focus on iron metal material,including gray iron,ductile iron,ect.Such ferrous metal castings could be made by lost foam casting or sand casting process.Our foundry could supply them for you with good quality,competitve price and best service.

Simple introduction of main ferrous investment castings:

Gray iron castings--Gray iron is commonly used when ductility is not a factor.Gray iron provides cost advantages,easily machined,has excellent dampening capacity(ansorbs vibration),as well as good wear characteristics and compressive strength.So gray iron is particularly well suitable for general machinery,stock fittings,automotive parts,valve bodies and railroad accessories.

Ductile iron castings-Ductile iron has replaced forgings,weldment and steel as the casting metal of choice in an increasing number of applications.It is well suited for valves,gears and rollers,spring hangers,suspension parts,wheel hubs,bearing caps,hardware,as well as various automotive and agricultural projects.

Benefits of ferrous investment castings:

*Available in wide range of mechanical properties.
*Flexibility in design and ability to optimize appearance for sales appeal.
*Many ferrous investment castings can be used without heat treatment (as-cast). But when needed, can be heat treated to enhance overall properties or localized properties such as surface hardness

No matter ferrous investment castings or non-ferrous investment castings,Fly foundry will be your best manufacturer&supplier in China.If you have purchasing plan on these castings,pls contact us without doubt.We will be in touch with you immediately.