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Silica sol casting-open impeller


Impeller means a wheel disc with vanes on. Impellers are the most important part of a turbine. Usually used impellers including open impeller and close impeller. We cast the impeller shown in the picture is open impeller. Products was cast according to drawing from OEM user.

* Material

The material used to produce this impeller is stainless steel AISI 316. 

* Production process

To achieve the accurate dimensional requirements, we cast this impeller in silica sol casting process. Silical sol casting is one kind process of investment casting. But the castings is much more accurate and beautiful than normal water glass casting.

* Surface treatment

Surface is treated by acid passivation and sand blasting.

* Testing

After casting and machining, the impeller will be balance tested. The relevant parameters are required by customers with specification.In this way, the quality of impeller can be controlled, thus to ensure the application of the cast impeller. So, balance testing is widely used to inspect the impellers.

We've produced various series of such open impellers. If you have such inquiries, please
contact us.