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​Request quote for steel investment casting?

"I would like a quote on a steel investment casting with machining and tooling.This parts is currently sand casted and then machined.And i have a master pattern that was used to manufacture sand casting tooling".One day a customer emailed us for such requirement,he just wrote such an email with some sample photos attached.From his email,i know the product is very small,just 1.2kg and the material required is 25#.What i can ensure that we could make such parts with investment casting,and i even can offer him a kg price.But as machining is asked also,so we must need his machining drawing with tolerances marked.Then we will know whether we could do machining and what the machining cost will be.

Since he has made such parts with sand casting and invested much money and time on it.Why did this customer ask for investment casting instead of sand casting?Without doubt,sand casting will be much cheaper than investment casting.But the surface will be worse.Besides,after casting,we still need to do machining.With such small product,we could not achieve good size accuracy,so much machining job will be done,which will result in low casting costs,but high machining cost.And during machining process,it may well found much casting defects.If we choose investment casting,except for good surface finish,we could reduce or remove machining totally,we may obtain the size tolerance directly after investment casting.For more information,pls check our another page focused on differences between investment casting and sand casting,it will help you know more about investment casting and sand casting.