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Differences between Investment casting and Sand casting

Process:Investment casting is a metal casting process using wax as the molding material,we just need to melt the wax and run into steel liquid.After cooling,investment castings will produce.Sand casting is using sand as the molding material,we will press the sand into the mould,and pour metal liquid through  the sprue.

Investment casting Sand casting

Material:Investment casting process is most adopted for small steel castings ranging from 0.1kg-50kg.However,we often choose sand casting process for iron castings or large steel castings above 50kg.

Production cost:As the surface finish and size tolerances are much better than that of sand casting,so the production cost of investment casting is much higher.

Surface finish:For the difference of molding material between investment casting and sand casting,the surface finish of investment casting will be much better.And the surface of sand casting will look rough.

Machining requirement:With investment casting,we could reduce or avoid machining for its tight size tolerance.For large sand castings,in most cases,machining service will be required.

Investment casting   Sand casting
Process Size tolerance   Process Size tolerance
Lost wax casting CT7-CT8   Precoated sand casting CT8-CT9
Lost foam casting CT8-CT9   resin sand casting CT9-CT10
Silica sol casting CT5-CT6   Green sand casting CT11-CT12