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Lost foam casting process is widely used for producing farm castings in material of gray iron, ductile iron 

& high Chrome iron.

Farm castings are kinds of basic requirements for farm machinery building. Purchasing of such castings is  

seasonal. So, quantity and types of purchased castings are depend on planting or harvesting requirements in 

each season. Such as Spring is a season of planting, so, castings for planting eqiupments will be required, 

but during Autumn season, castings for harvesting equipments are required in large amount. Compared with 

castings used in other industries, requirements of farm castings are much more stable.

Usually used materials for farm castings are as below,

Material Type Standards
Gray Iron HT200 No.30 Grade 220 EN-GJL-200 GG20 200
HT250 No.35 Grade 260 EN-GJL-250 GG25 250
HT300 No.45 Grade 300 EN-GJL-300 GG30 300
HT350 No.50 Grade 350 EN-GJL-350 GG35 350
Ductile Iron   QT450-10   65-45-12 GGG-40 EN-GJS-450-10 450/10 450-10
  QT450-18 60-40-18 GGG-40  EN-GJS-450-18  400/18  450-18 
  QT500-17 80-55-06 GGG-50 EN-GJS-500-7 500/7 500-7
High Chrome Iron KmTBCr26  ASTM A532 Class III Grade A 25% Cr   BS Grade 3D  FBCr26MoNi  G-X300Cr27   

Picture shows a typical farm casting called tillage point, which used to assembled at top of the tillage machine to increase the wear resistance and life time of the machines.

Such farm castings made in process of lost foam casting are widely exported to Canadian and Australia market. If required by clients, we can also weld the tungsten tiles on. Such tungsten tiled agricultural wear parts are become leading farm castings nowdays.

We've been in this field for years. So, if you have some requirements of the farm castings parts, pls feel free to contact us.