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Tungsten Tiled Agricultural Wear Parts

In our investment casting factory, we cast a lot of the agricultural wear parts. Such wear parts, especially those used in the rock condition soil,require for brazed with tungsten tiles to get hardfacings.The hardfacings can increase the wear resistance of products,thus to longer the application life of them.

Tipical brazing heating processes used for welding such tungsten tiles are flame brazing & induction brazing.The tungsten carbide we frequently used are YG8 and YG11.YG8 is usually used for wear parts which used in the soft soil environment. YG11 is mostly used to be welded on investment castings that work in the rock/sand soil condition.

We can make the tungsten tiles according to the sizes from customer or wear part samples. Welding jigs will be made to control the accurancy of welding.

Parts with tungsten tiled before delivery is becoming a trend in the agricultural wear parts purchasing. With our services,you need not subcontract works any more, you can sell or assemble the wear parts to your agricultural machineries directly once you receive them, which save your time and costs! If you have such enquiries, pls contact us.

Some typical products as follows.

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