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Arrange a visit to before purchasing investment castings?

Investment casting is a metal forming process that custom metal parts according to drawings or sample.Comparing with standard metal parts with OEM part numbers.The production difficulty is much larger.Some need machining with tight tolerances,but other just need casting directly.So we could not judge well whether the supplier we choosed is competent.If buyers would like to buy cheap investment castings in China with high quality,many of them will arrange a visit before purchasing investment castings.

What should the buyers pay attention to when visiting?

*Is the steel foundry we visited is ISO certificated?

ISO certification is the basic aptitude that buyers choose a foundry to custom investment castings.Without ISO certification,it means the foundry do not have the ability to supply qualified products and buyers do not need to consider at all.We,Fly foundry,are ISO9001 certificated.So we have the ability to manufacture for our customers.

*What is the scale of the foundry?

Normally investment casting should have at least 100 staff.Like Fly foundry,we have more than 200 workers,so our scale is large enougn in China.Small scale will means it is hard for them to supply large quantity castings with short lead time.

*what kinds of investment castings do the foundry manufacture?

We could divided investment castings into steel stainless steel investment castings,ally steel&carbon steel investment castings,iron investment castings.And in most cases,each foundry is just specialized in one of them.For example,If you need to purchase stainless steel investment casting,but the foundry you would like to visit is that makes iron investment castings,so they could not make for you expect for outsouring and you could not send po to them.We,Fly foundry,have developed three production lines,so we could supply all the investment castings you need.

*Could the foundry do machining as well?

Many investment castings require machining service.If the foundry could  not do machining,just supply blanks,then buyers have to do machining themselves or outsource other machining factory.But Fly foundry could serve machining as well to meet overall demands for our customers.It will help you to save much time and money.

*What is the QC procedure of this foundry?

QC(quality control) procedure is also an important tache that buyers should pay attention to.If a foundry do not have such procedure,then it is hard for them to control the quality of each products.You may find many defects of investment castings you need.Fly foundry have a strick QC procedure,and each process will be checked by our professional QC person,so you will no need to worry about the quality problem if purchasing investment castings from our foundry.

Above are just our suggestions for buyers when arrage a visiting to investment casting foundry.Fly foundry will warmly welcome your visiting to our company if possible,just pls contact us right away,so that we could check the schedule for you first.