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Silica Sol Casting Pump Joint

Fly foundry cast lots of pump joints in silica sol casting process. 

Material used for these pump joints are mainly required by customers. Some cast pump joints required material to be alloy  steels, such as 42CrMo, AISI8630, WCB, WCC, etc. Some others require for stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316. The choosen of materials depend on application of the silica sol cast pump joint. 

We made the stainless steel pump joints in silica sol casting process in our foundry. With silica sol casting process, the  surface and dimensional accurancy of the pump joints are much better. Qualified dimensional control save further machining costs for customers.  For other alloy steel pump joints, we make them in other investment casting processes, such as lost wax casting, water glass casting, lost foam casting, etc. 

These silica sol cast pump joints are used as connector or couplers for pump assembly. To meet certain sealing purpose, the pump joints will be gas press tested or water press tested. 

Surfaces of the pump joint is black coated according to requirements from some clients. They can also be powder coated or other surface treated according to instruction from customers. 

If you have such RFQs for silica sol cast pump joints, please contact us.