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Lost Foam Cast Grate Bars

Fly foundry supply various grate bars made in lost foam casting processs in China. 

Grate bar is the important component for sintering furnace buidling. Grate bars are fixed onto sintering furnace as the support structure to 
support the mine coal materials. 

Grate bars work in high temperature environment. So, the material required to cast the grate bars are heat resistant materials, such as high chrome steel, high chrome irons, etc. Mostly used high chrome steel or high chrome iron grades are DIN 1.4776、DIN 1.4777、GX350、Cr13、Cr15、Cr18、Cr20、Cr26Ni1、Cr25、Cr27、Cr15Mo1、Cr18Mo1、Cr26Ni4, ASTM A297-H.I. If you have special material requirements on your grate bars, please advise. The grate bars can also be customed. 

Currently, the grate bars can be casted in processes of lost foam casting, lost wax casting and precoated sand casting. Here, we use lost foam casting process to make this type of sintering furnace grate bars. The structure can be simple and complex. For more details on lost foam casting process, you can click "lost foam casting process" to learn. 

Grate bars are wear parts on the sintering furnaces. Replacements are needed frequently. The grate bars casted in Fly Foundry are with good quality and long lifetime. 

If you have RFQ's for lost foam cast grate bars, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices with qualified products.