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Surface cleaning for investment castings

Fly foundry is a technical investment casting foundry producing various precision investment castings.By professional investment casting production equipment,strong techincs,strict quality control system and impeccable testing equipments,we have win great trust and support from investment casting users.Investment casting is a casting method that is made of fusible material,casting refractory to form sheel melt model and get castings after injecting liquid metal material.Now we would like to introduce how we Fly foundry do surface cleaning for investment castings:

Shot blasting cleaning

1.Shot blasting equipment:Shot blasting equipment is a device that using conpressed air as the power,jetting the iron pills to investment castings that need cleaing up at a high speed,removing the adhering sand  and scale cinder on the surface of investment castings.

Manual cleaning

2.Manual cleaning:Suitable for single,small batch and complex-shaped investment castings.

Roller cleaning

3.Roller cleaning:Regular cleaning roller is a widely used cleaning equipment.Its working principle is to remove sand adhesion, burr and iron oxideuse of casting surface by use of friction,collision between investment castings,investment casting and additional angle iron.