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​Characteristics of different steel investment castings

Carbon steel could be divided according to different carbon content:C≤0.20%-low carbon steel investment castings;C:0.2~0.5%- medium carbon steel;C≥0.5%-high carbon steel.Steel investment castings.Cast steel according to the chemical composition is divided into:carbon steel investment castings and alloy steel investment casting.Now we would like to analyse the characteristics of low ally steel investment castings,special steel investment castings and carbon steel investment castings.

1.Low alloy steel investment castings:Steel investment castings containing the alloying elements such as manganese, chromium, copper,ect.Alloying elements are generally less than 5%.They have a larger impact toughness and and can get better mechanical properties by heat treatment.Low alloy steel investment castings have a better using performance than carbon steel investment castings and improve the service life.

2.Special steel investment castings:special alloy steel investment castings are refined in order to meet special needs and the breed is various, usually contains one or more of the high amount of alloy elements, in order to obtain some kind of special performance.For example,high manganese steel containing 11%~14$ manganese element,have good impact resistance and wear resistance,which is widely used to manufacture wear-resisting investment castings for mining machinery and construction machinery.Stainless steel,main alloy steel elements are chromium or nickel chromium,is used to make investment castings under the condition of corrosion or high temperature above 650 ℃,like valve,pump,steam turbine casings,ect.

3.Carbon steel investment castings:A kind of steel investment casting with main element carbon and few other elements.Carbon less than 0.2% is low ally steel investment castings,carbon between 0.2% and 0.5% is middle carbon steel investment castings and carbon above 0.5% is high carbon steel investment castings.With the increase of carbon content,the intensity and hardness of carbon steel investment castings will be improved.Carbon steel has high strength,plasticity and toughness,also the cost is low.So it is used to make castings under heavy load in heavy industry,like rolling mill frame, hydraulic press base,ect.Also it is used to make parts with big force and could withstand impact in the railway and vehicle industries,like bolster and side frame,wheels and coupler,ects.

The content of carbon and alloy will decide the characteristics and classification of steel investment castings.The usage will also vary from different steel  investment castings.Thus how to choose correct material is very improtant.If you would like to know more,just contact us.