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Solution Treatment for Manganese(Mn)Steel Castings

Solution Treatment, also called as water toughening, is a heat treating process used for heat treated Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings.Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings are mainly organized by austenite, carbide and pearlite, sometimes with little iron phosphide eutectic. When the carbide takes up a higher percentage in the Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings, the carbides will shown as nets structures. Due to such problems, the rough casted Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings are too brittle to be used. To solve such problems, we usually heat treated the Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings in process of Solution Treatment.

Steps of Solution Treatment

First step, heat treating the Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings to 1050~1100℃ and keep temperture to destroy the casting organization and get single phase austenite organization.


Second step, hardening the heated Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings in water and keeping to normal temperture.


After solution treatment, the Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings can get a typical mechnical property, tensile strength: 615~1275MPa, Yield: 340~470MPa, Elongation: 15%~85%, Area reduction: 15%~45%, Impact:l96~294J/cm2, Hardness:HBl80~225.

With affect of solution treatment, the Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings are with high strength, better plasticity and toughness. Thus, to qualify the products and longer the life time of the wear parts.