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​Lost wax casting-valve body

Item Name Lost wax casting-valve body
Material In our foundry, usually used material for casting the valve bodies are Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel. Materials standard include ASTM A148 Grade 80-50, A148 Grade 90-60, A148 Grade 105-85, A148 Grade 115-95. ASTM A216 WCC, WCB, LCC. GB/T 16253, ZG240-450B, ZG280-520, ZG20SiMn. Heat treated in ways of Hardening, Quenching, Normalizing, Tempering, Annealing, Case hardening, Induction hardening, etc.
Application Lost wax casted valve body, which are used as the flow control components, are widely used in the assembly of Gas pipeline Industry and Building Pipeline Construction Indusry. The valve body used as joint or couplers to connect pipes or other casting components together. With help of such connector, we can easliy control the direction of the fluid, thus to make the pipeline as complex as what we need. With the accuracy and surface smoothness made by silica sol casting process, the valve body can be assembled well.
OEM Brands We can quote and produce such lost wax casted valves according to drawing/samples from our customer. Besides this way, we are also cast and sell numbers of OEM brands. You need only offer us the standard OEM Part Numbers and relevant Brand name of machines. We can find the reveland standard valve types and offer you prices accordingly.
Production Process In our foundry, valve bodies are casted in process of lost wax casting. See below some steps and detail descriptions of such processes. 
Lost Wax Casting-Pattern Making Lost Wax Casting-Wax Injection 
Lost Wax Casting-Wax Tree Assembly Lost Wax Casting-Shell Building
Lost Wax Casting-Casting Lost Wax Casting-Pouring Gate cutting 
Lost Wax Casting-Shot Blasting Lost Wax Casting-Painting 
Lost Wax Casting-valve body Lost Wax Casting-Packing & Delivery