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​Lost wax casting-ripper point

Item Name Lost wax casting-ripper point
Material Alloy steel. Current material used for casting this ripper point is alloy steel ASTM A4340. The main alloy elements Mn,Cr,Mo,Ni. Such alloy steel castings made in China foundry with certain heat treating process can achieve a good mechanical properties and hardness of the products. Thus, to ensure the wear resistance and lift time for using such lost wax casted ripper point. Such lost wax castings, can be used to be assembled onto the agricultural machines used in soft and rock condition soils.
Application Lost wax cast ripper point, works as agricultural machinery wear parts, which are assembled to agricultural machineries/ farm equipments , such as ploughs, tillage/cultivating machines. 
OEM Brands We mainly quote and produce such lost wax cast ripper point according to drawing/samples from our customer. We can accept drawings in format of PDF, JPG, CAD, Pro-E, Solidworks, etc. Ripper points casted in our foundry mainly exported to the OEM agricultural machinery manufacturer and also the farm equipment parts distributors/wholesellers. 
Production Process In our foundry, ripper points are casted in process of lost wax casting. See below some steps and detail descriptions of such processes. 
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Lost Wax Casting-Casting  Lost Wax Casting-Pouring Gate cutting 
Lost Wax Casting-Shot Blasting  Lost Wax Casting-Painting 
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