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‚ÄčLost wax casting pump impeller

Pump impeller is the hydraulic core part of pump and the quality will directly decide the system properties of pumps.Mostly the pump impeller has thin wall with twisted blade,and its structure is also complex,so it always require high accuracy dimensions and good surface roughness.Currently,we normally use lost wax casting process to manufacture pump impeller.Then why do we use lost wax casting process?Firstly,lost wax casting is suitable for most metal casting parts.Secondly,it could cast out impeller with good surface finish.Secondly,no quality is limited and high volume is available.Finally,lost wax casting process has replaced fabrication process,so it is with good financial savings.

Below is our main process for lost wax casting pump impeller:

*Mould design and making:After we get order from our customer,we will first design mould and start making mould for pump impellers according to customers' drawing.If the sample is offered without drawing,then we also need plotting drawing first.

*Wax injection&wax mould making:Once our pump impeller mould is completed,we will inject wax into the mould and keep cooling until the wax is hard enough.Taking wax out of mould and wash inside parts of mould to keep it clean.Then repeat this step for more wax moulds.

*Lost wax casting&testing:Pouring and do heat treatment,then get finished pump impeller.Finally testing them to see whether there is any defect and pack them with standard wood case to customers' destination port.

Such pump impeller are widely made by material stainless steel,alloy steel,ect(no material limitation).If you have such product,pls contact us directly,we will send you our competitive price first.