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Lost wax casting process

1.Mold making 2.Wax injection

Lost wax casting process starts from mold design and making,as the mold is made out of steel material and precison machined,so the tooling cost is not cheap.With the booming of casting industry,many injection mold factories are build up.They will first 3d modeling the lost wax castings and then start making mold.It will take about 15 working days to finish a mold.

Once an injection mold is produced,workers will clear the inside cavity first and inject wax into the cavity to be full.After cooling for a while,take the wax mold directly and keep on doing this step for ontaining more wax molds.

3.Tree assembly 4.Shell buliding

Then assemble with other wax molds on a central wax strick,we call it sprue,then you will see a casting cluster formed.This process is name tree assembling.And hang all the tree assembled parts in a drying room.

Dipping the wax assembly into a ceramic slurry and covered with sand stucco and dry for a while,so that wax molds will be protected by a hard shell.
5.Dewax 6.Pouring
After shell building,put them into a steam autoclave,and the wax will be melted under high temperature.This process is called dewax.
Then melt the metal bars into high temperature to be liquid,pour them into the ceramic mold,cooling sufficiently and forming solid status.
7.Knock out 8.Cutting
Once finishing pouring process,remove the mold shell from the casting. Cutting castings from the gates and runners.At this time,you will see lost wax casting blanks.
9.Heat treatment 10.Post treatment
Heat treatment is also an important step.It will help to improve the mechanical properties of castings and longer the working life. Post treatment is the final step for getting finished castings.If no machining,just sand blast the lost wax castings.Otherwise,we still need to do machining or painting.And then ready for shipment.