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​Lost foam casting cylinder liners

Fly foundry,manufacturer and exporter of engine cylinder liners.We can supply all types of cylinder liners to our customers.Such liners can be made in gray iron or ductile iron.Our cylinder liners are mainly used in marine,aero engines,military industry,ect.

Using the lastest manufacturing technology-lost foam casting process,we could cast out high performance products with mininum wall thickness 3mm.From samples to drawings,either one will design a fitted products.We are willing to start our cooperation from one off ,then move on volume production.

Main production process of lost foam casting cylinder liners:

Casting:Start first step from mould making,cast out casting blanks whose wall thickness and weight are much larger than finished parts to ensure there will be no deformation after machining.

Machining:After lost foam casting,put the cylinder liners in the machining workshop and machine to the dimensions which are marked in the drawings.So cylinder liner manufacturers must have good machining equipment,like CNC,grinding machines,ect.

Testing:Inspect each size of cylinder liners,as the parts is very thin,so we should pay more attention on it.To avoid cost waste,we could machine one blank first to see whether the cylinder liners are qualified for assembling.

Our customers are inpressed by our finish quality and shortest lead time.Just because of our great technology and good service,we are always recommended to other engine builders when they need.