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Investment casting material

Investment casting process is suitable for most metal parts.With this process,we could cast many investment castings with different metals and alloys that have high temperature properties for use in a range of applications,and especially suited to small castings ranging from 0.1kg-60kg.

The products currently made by Fly foundry do not contain coltan,cassitetite,gold,wolframite and other special elements.

The following material specifications apply for Fly investment castings.

  Carbon steel&Alloy steel   Gray iron  
  AISI1010 AISI4130   HT150  
  AISI1020 AISI4140   HT200  
  AISI1025(WCB)        AISI4150   HT250  
  AISI1030 AISI4340   HT300  
  AISI1040 AISI6120   HT350  
  AISI1045 AISI6150      
  AISI1060 AISIWC9      
  AISI52100 AISI8630      
  AISI4118(WC6)     AISI8640      
  Stainless steel     Ductile iron  
  302(CF-20) 316L(CF-3M)    
  303(CF-16F) 321   QT400-15  
  304(CF-8) 347(CF-8C)   QT400-18  
  304L(CF-3) CN7M   QT450-10  
  309(CH-20) CF10MC   QT500-7  
  316(CF-8M) CG6MMn   QT600-9