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​Investment casting kettlebells

Investment casting Kettlebell is a popular exercise equipment in many countries,like America,Australia,UK,Russian,ect.Kettlebell was first made by Russians,which is used for weighting crops.When time passed by,they found these farmers became stronger and healthier.Thus people use it as exercise equipment to build strenght and endurance.It will has sepcial fuction on back,legs and shoulders.Thus,kettlebells are a good choice if you want to take your body to a higher level.To meet sporter's various demands,kettlebell could be designed with different sizes and weights.The product comes in 2kg increments starting at 8kg weight up to 36kg. All weights are exact same sizes so the weight is integral part of the mould. Currenty we use lost wax casting technic and then the hollow cast is filled with material to make the weight.

Production process of investment casting kettlebells:

Mould making and design:The competition kettlebell must be hollow in the inside. So the steel is varying thickness to make the weight. Heavier kettlebells will have less hollow space than lighter kettlebells. This will be the task for our engineer to determine the thickness of the wall of each kettlebell to make the weight accurate to within 100 grams. Then make mould directly.

Pouring:Pouring of investment casting kettlebells is always made at night.It will not only make pouring workers feel comfortable for lower temperature.But also save electric fees.

Cutting and polishing:Cutting the kettlebell sprue from tree assembly and polish them to achieve smooth surface.

Surface treatment:Common surface treatment of investment casted kettlebells is painting or powder coating with different colours(yellow,red,bule,green,ect).So that the weights are easily distinguished.

We could manufacture investment casting kettlebells with material cast iron or cast steel.Besides,other exercise equipments could also be customed.If you have any interest or questions,pls contact us without any hesitance.