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‚ÄčInvestment casting disadvantages

When talking about the parts you need,there are lots of processes that you can choose.If the metal parts is welded,then you can replace the metal fabricated parts with investment casting.When deciding a process,we need to consider which will make the best quality part at the most cost-effective price.

There are many advantages of investment castings.It allows for all kinds of metal materials.As most foundry could custom investment castings,so almost all the shapes are feasible.Before making decision,you need to clearly know the advantages and disvantages of investment castings.We have introduced the advantages of investment casting before,now we would like to talk about the disvantages.

The biggest disadvantages is the limitation of dimensions.In general,investment casting is only workable for small castings no more than 60kg.For larger castings,we suggest sand casting or other processes.

Cost is also a factor sometimes.Although investment casting is cost-effective comparing with close die forging,but as it is larbor-intensive work,the larbor cost is high comparing with other methods.It takes much time to prepare the wax pattern and shell molds for high quality products.

Long cycle time is required,before pouring,we still need to make molds.And machining,surface treatment may also needed,which will also longer the lead time.

For hollow parts,like competition kettlebells,we could not make the whole parts totally,after casting,we still need to weld the bottom and then powder coating.

Another focus is the use of holes in the mold.We could not make holes smaller than 1.58mm and the depth could not 1.5 times larger than the hole diameter.So if these concerns could not meet the casting design,we could also consider other ways.

When trying investment casting for its advantages,we should also take the disadvantages of investment casting into account.This process is mainly for small castings with high accuracy.