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Investment casting forklift parts

Fly foundry is a professional forklift parts manufacturer in China.We carry a wide precison investment castings for forklift parts.As a first class investment casting supplier,we have advanced production process-lost wax casting or lost foam casting and are able to manufacture forklift castings with alloy steel,carbon steel,manganese steel,ect.

Advantages of investment casting forklift parts from our foundry:

1.Reduce costs:secondary machining is one of the  expensive process for manufacturing forklift parts.Investment casting will eliminate or reduce machining as it is netshape parts.

2.Design flexibility:Unlike other manufacturing ways,investment casting allow various complex shapes of forklift parts,eliminating the consideration of expensive assemblied parts.

3.Close tolerance and good surface finish:investment casting forklift parts will have relatively close tolerance and smooth surface,which will be good for assembling.