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Find investment casting supplier on google or B2B marketplace?

Every year,some foreign companines would like to China to attend the trade shows/exhibition to purchase investment castings,like Bauma in Shanghai,Canton Fair in Guangzhou.Maybe they could find good investment casting foundry,but it is not cost-effective.It will cost you much costs and time.Except trade shows,Google search engine and B2B marketplace is also popular in recent years.

B2B marketplace,many purchaser is familar with search investment casting foundry from B2B marketplace,like made in China,alibaba.Then many investment casting foundry or trade company will appear in the list.But it may be difficult for purchasers to find the contact information exactly as it is not the official website of a company.Also,Showing products in the B2B marketplace will cost investment casting suppliers much money.Like made in China,the supplier must pay about 30,000RMB every year.So when quotation,they may take such cost into consideration.And the price will seem a bit high.

So we recommend our customers to find investment casting supplier on google.Maybe you use google to find something you are interested,but i am not sure all the customers know well about how to use google to find what they want,here we take an example of searching for a Chinese investment casting supplier by google:

If you are sourcing investment castings, combined with manufacturers sourced from all over the world, you need to get a narrowed list of Chinese investment casting manufacturers precisely. If you search "investment casting manufacturer China", you find in the first page the links mostly from B2B trade portal, such as ALIBABA, MADE IN CHINA, it ranks high, it is very difficult to find the website of real investment casting supplier or manufacturers. We always want to go directely to the wedsite of the investment casting manufacturers.

If you search with Google advanced command like "allinurl:find investment casting manufacturer in China", most of the results are the websites of investment casting manufacturers in China. If you are looking for investment casting manufacturer in a specific city, you can also put the name of the city in the command, like "Investment casting foundry in Ningbo".

You could use advanced search function. In advanced search, you choose China as the region, and use the search command "allintitle:find investment casting manufacturer in China", in that way, you should be able to find out a complete list of investment casting manufacturers in China.