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​Are investment castings expensive?

Investment casting is a process for various industries.We mainly use this process to produce any shape metal parts we need.Investment casting foundries are existed in every country.But investment castings made in Eourpean and American countries are expensive for its high labour costs.So "investment casting made in China"has been a hot trend for its low costs.

Comparing with sand casting parts,the size accuracy of investment casting is better for the production process differences.So investment castings are expensive than sand castings.They make up for the higher cost through the reduction of machining achieved through near shape tolerances.But to close die forging,as the surface finish and mechnical properties are better than investment casting,so it is relatively cheaper.

By cost estimation,we could judge well how much an investment casting will be.Reasonable price will help us to accelerate the cooperation with our customers.In most cases,prices will also be recalculated according to the actual weight according to its kg price.So if you have any interest in buying products from us,pls follow our PO procedure and contact us right away.