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Application of investment casting

Investment casting process has the characteristics and advantages that conventional casting, forging, mechanical cutting molding do not have.And it can accommodate any material and flexible production capacity.So the application of investment casting covers a wide range.It could make metal parts for plane in the sky,ground vehicles,ships at sea,and other industrial machinery and equipements are all available.

Using the characteristics of investment casting,we could make thin wall thickness parts,complex parts,fine decorative parts,machining parts with good dimensional accuracy and surface brightness.Especially for the strange, hollow, complex parts, difficult to use traditional sand casting, forging or machining method. And although you can use methods such as forging, machining manufacturing, but the process is various, need a large number of mechanical processing, low productivity, which will cost a lot of metal materials, to produce the high cost of parts.But using investment casting,we can achieve the goal of short construction period and low cost.We could make cast out net shape investment castings and also replace fabricated parts.

Fly foundry could make investment casting with length less than 200mm and the max.length could be 700mm.The max weight of our products is 100kg.The size tolerance is about 20mm±0.13mm、100mm±0.30mm、200mm ±0.43mm.But for small parts,it is difficult to reach ±0.1mm.The angle tolerance is ±0.5°~±2.0°。Our min.wall thickness could be 0.5mm and the surface finish is Rmax 4s-12s.

Another feature of investment casting is no material limitation,cast steel,cast iron,aluminum is all ok. if encounter a parts production, the alloy is difficult or impossible cutting, generally investment casting is the best method of producing the parts.It will be more efficient, more perfect, such as fine complex combination parts can be cast out of the hole, groove, bevel, serrated, gap, thin section, blade and other forms, because the dimension precision is good, does not need to rework can be used more than 90%, so the milling, turning, boring, such as completion of refined tool machine all can need not,excellent product development,design,can be flexible.

The motivation that promotes many buyers change other manufacturing methods into investment casting is that,it can save a large sum of money, in general, the manufacturing cost reduction of about 50% above, and is suitable for all kinds of batch production. Its application range is very wide,including: gas turbine, steam turbine, aircraft parts, internal combustion engine, vehicle parts, ship parts, medical equipment, golf head, food machinery,printing machinery,paper machinery,compressor,valves,pumps,measuring instrument,sewing machines,weapons,transaction machine and other machine parts, etc.To learn more about our products,follow our photo gallery.