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Valve castings

Valves are commonly used in oil&gas industry,power industry,chemical industry,mining industry,ect.So many companies are engaged in valve manufacturing.As there are many parts in valves,like valve body,valve handle assembly,valve ring,valve bearing house,valve body,ect.Among which,some parts are produced in investment casting process.Here Fly foundry takes the role of supplying valve castings for valve manufacturer.We could make valve castings with wide material specifications,most common materials are stainless steel,gray iron,alloy steel,duplex stainless steel.Comparing with forged valves,investment casting process could make out valve castings with net shape if the tolerance is not very closed.We mainly serve valve castings for below valves:

*Check valves
*Butterfly valves
*Gate valves
*Ball valves
*Control valves
*Globe valves
*Plug valves
*Pinch valves

Key Benefits of valve castings from Fly foundry:

a.Wide material ranges:Fly foundry's capacity to cast valve parts with wide material specifications.
b.Price advantages:We will try our best to offer best prices.If the quantity of valve casting is large,then we could return all the tolling costs.
c.Advanced technology:By many years' working experience and mature production process,we have win great reputation from our customers and keep good cooperation relationship with them.
d.Machining service:we could machine valve castings as well according to customers'demands.

So Fly foundry will be always the best choice for valve castings.Learn more about our foundry,pls check our contact page or email ella.fly02@cnool.net directly. We will reply you in the first time.