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​Lost foam casting-valve castings

Fly lost foam casting foundry casts and machines various valve castings for customers around the world.

In our foundry, usually used material for casting the valve castings are Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel. Materials standard include ASTM A148 Grade 80-50, A148 Grade 90-60, A148 Grade 105-85, A148 Grade 115-95. ASTM A216 WCC, WCB, LCC. GB/T 16253, ZG240-450B, ZG280-520, ZG20SiMn. Heat treated in ways of Hardening, Quenching, Normalizing, Tempering, Annealing, Case hardening, Induction hardening, etc.

Lost foam casted valve castings casted in our foundry, used as the flow control components, are widely used in the assembly of Gas pipeline Industry and Building Pipeline Construction Indusry. The valve castings used as part of valves, which are joint or couplers to connect pipes and other casting components together. With help of such lost foam casted valve castings, we can easliy assemble instruments to control the direction of the fluid, thus to make the pipeline as complex as what we need. 

Lost foam casting technics used for casting valve castings in our foundry can ensure the quality of the castings, reduce production costs, achieve accurate dimensions(CT8), smooth surface, thus to save cost and time for clearing and machining such valve castings. Thus, we can offer a much competitive prices for you.

If you needs, you can look at and download the lost foam casting process for making the valve castings here.