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​10 Reasons you should choose Fly foundry for investment castings

Investment castings made in China is already a big trends for grobal companies.Fly foundry has been supplying investment castings from various industries for many years and always win good reputation from our customers.Today we would like to talk about 10 reasons you should choose Fly foundry for investment castings.

*Fly foundry has more than 20 years's investment casting experience in China.

*Almost all the investment castings from our foundry are exported to overseas market,so we know well the total exporting process.

*Located in Ningbo,China,we have the unique geographical advantage and export very conveniently.

*In 2005,we built our own machining workshop,so we could serve investment castings with machining.You will no need to source machining after castings.

*Fly foundry is ISO 9001 certificated company,all the products are impressed by our customers for high quality and good surface finish.

*We could design products for you according to your sample and advise the best casting process.

*We work with you and supply you with the most updated information regarding your orders,using various methods such as weekly timeline reports and deliver only the best engineering services.

*We go to great lengths to ensure only the best and most reliable product suppliers in China is added to our approved supplier database. Each and every manufacturer added to our database is audited and we do not simply add manufacturers in China to our list because they are in a sourcing directory.

*We keep closely contacting with our customers and follow the working status of our investment castings made in our foundry,and improve next time.

*Timely lead time is another advantage of Fly foundry,we always finish products and deliver to our customers on time,so that our customer could obtain good products in the shortest time.